Christmas Specials 2017

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  1. Yoga Pack

    Yoga Pack


    For all the avid Yogi’s & beginners out there that love everything about this mode of exercise. Get ready to flex & stretch over summer & stay fit for the upcoming new year. This pack will help anyone get & stay trim after over-indulging at Christmas dinner. Includes - The Anatomy of Yoga Book - Yoga Poses Chart - Yoga Meditation Music CD Learn More
  2. Summer Gift Pack

    Summer Gift Pack


    The Australian summer can be a scorcher as most of us love hitting the road & spending time outdoors for the holidays. You don’t have to suffer from bad sun burns at all with this savvy pack that relieves skin irritation from the sun. Includes: - Electric Diffuser - Magic Peeling Exfoliation Glove - Oil Garden - Lavender Oil Bottle (12ml) Learn More
  3. Reflexology Gift Pack

    Reflexology Gift Pack


    Who wouldn’t love a foot massage over the festive break? A fabulous gift for avid massage enthusiasts, especially those keen on reflexology. Includes: - Reflexology Wand - Reflexology Chart - Reflexology Bible Learn More
  4. Perfume Making Kit

    Perfume Making Kit


    This pack is full of fun because it allows the lucky recipient to start making their own custom perfume blends from 100% natural ingredients. Includes: - x3 empty roll-on bottles - Perfume Making Book - Perfume Liquid Base from Perfect Potion Learn More
  5. Home Aromatherapy Kit

    Home Aromatherapy Kit


    This aromatic gift pack is suitable for people wanting to start learning about the power of natural therapy via essential oils. They can use the chart, book & Lavender oil immediately. It’s perfect for a relaxing Christmas day away from the rush. Includes: - Aromatherapy Chart - Aromatherapy Book - Lavender Oil from Oil Garden (12ml) Learn More
  6. Healing Gift Pack

    Healing Gift Pack


    The healing gift pack is fantastic stocking filler for someone you know that is in need of self development. Understanding the power of inner healing can be profoundly empowering for someone who is looking to ease their own pain. Includes: - Life Loves You Affirmation Cards by Louise L Hay. - The Secret Language of Your Body Book by Inna Segal - Self-Healing & Inner Power Meditation CD Learn More
  7. Colour Therapy Pack

    Colour Therapy Pack


    Colour healing is very popular & highly effective. It’s the perfect pack for those wanting to learn more about the joy & meaning of all colours. Includes: - Colour Therapy Book - Colour Therapy Card Deck - Colour Therapy Chart Learn More
  8. Chakra Gift Pack

    Chakra Gift Pack


    Give the gift of Chakra education to enhance overall health & achieve energetic balance during the crazy festive season. There’s so much value in this Chakra gift pack for the low price of just $39.95. Includes: - Chakra Book - Chakra Charm - Chkra Chart Learn More
  9. Baby Gift Pack

    Baby Gift Pack


    Is your loved one or friend expecting a baby? This is the perfect gift package for them with Vegesorb moisturiser to help prevent dryness & stretch marks, a complete baby massage DVD & relaxing CD for mum to play at home or in the comfort of her car. Includes: - Natural Vegesorb lotion - Baby Time DVD - Soothing Baby & Mother music Learn More

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