Health and Harmony Colleges are dedicated to help you achieve your dreams, and has helped countless students reach their study and career goals.

Read about some of our graduates’ success stories below, with real testimonials from a few of our happy students.


Craig Hitchens

I have used Natural Healing Methods for years myself and have always been very much into meditation and self improvement. I am a practising Buddhist and this life-long journey awoke me to this need people have to heal from within as it is the only real way to heal completely or holistically. I set about learning Natural Healing Methods several years ago simply for my own benefit but soon found that I wanted to help others with this and make it my very way of life and career.
I obtained my knowledge through studying several Diplomas through Health and Harmony College in Brisbane Australia via home based study. I found their courses offered more about how to be a good healer and less extraneous, irrelevant information. I found their courses easy to understand, packed full of up to date information and I feel I gained more knowledge as a result. This I feel has helped me become the knowledgable and sought after therapist I am today.

I have helped many people with chronic wellbeing issues from CFS to IBS and back again. I have helped people overcome stress and anxiety, colds, flus, digestive issues and more and it all started with Health and Harmony. I will always recommend them to anyone.

Mike Clarkson


Aromatherapy Heaven Scent is owned and operated by Mike and Gayle Clarkson and our business is at 115 Main Street Bairnsdale, Victoria near the Gippsland Lakes. Gayle and I decided to relocate from Melbourne for a sea and tree change to this beautiful area which is on a major river, 15 minutes from the lakes, only half an hour from the surf beach and one and a half hours from the snow at Mt. Hotham.
We opened the business on the fourth of May 2002 and our concept was based around Aromatherapy, combining essential oils, bush flowers, Bach flowers, therapeutic body products, candles, books, cd's, incense and many other products relating to our concept. We have always had a strong passion in health and fitness and after completing our first courses with Heath and Harmony Colleges we were Inspired to open the shop and also offer many therapies.
Gayle has spent several years studying Aromatherapy and Reflexology and I have spent many years studying Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Remedial and Sports massage. We have been open 8 ½ years and Health and Harmony Colleges have been very supportive and with the large range of courses on offer we can continue to add to the therapies we offer.
Anyone wanting to practise in the Holistic, Natural or Alternative therapy industry would benefit a great deal from Health and Harmony Colleges as we have, for service, advice and an extensive range of professionally produced courses.
Gayle and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Gwen and her team for their professional support over the last 10 years

Judy Harvey


When you are a massage practitioner your clients tend to offload their troubles when they are having a treatment and I wanted to be able to help them as much as I could and a friend told me about Health and Harmony College and that started a big learning curve for me.
I have studied Advanced Psychotherapy which led to Professional and Curative Hypnotherapy. My new profession as a stress management consultant came about by doing the Corporate Stress Management diploma and the Drug and Alcohol counselling diploma is next on the list so that I can work with companies who have an Employee Assistance Programme for their staff.

Christina Stephenson

Many thanks to the Health and Harmony Colleges and the staff for their guidance in the initial planning stages of a research project, a requirement for my Master of Natural Therapies Advanced Diploma. It has become a part of a handbook which I have published called, Lemon Balm: The Neglected Herb, the first one in a series of six.
Other courses such as Clinical Herbalism, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy completed through the college also contributed to my knowledge for the publication. I am adding to my repertoire of courses in Holistic Health and Living of Vibrational Medicine, Flower Essence and Crystal Practitioner and Colour Therapy, the course for Traditional Feng Shui to expand my part time business as a mobile herbalist


Melanie Guzzante

I studied Dream Analysis through The New Age Foundation in 2001 which later became Health and Harmony Colleges and Holistic Health through Health & Harmony College in 2003. Since then I have had numerous articles regarding Dreams published in Insight Magazine and Rainbow Spirit.
I also have analysed in writing, in person and on live radio clients Dreams. This has been a keen interest of mine since I was 15 (20 years ago) and so for 20 years I have researched, studied, written and spoken about Dreams.


Christine Sheppard

Thank you for the support that I received during my studies for the Diploma of Professional Hypnotherapy. My Diploma arrived, it is elegant and I am going to enjoy finding exactly the right frame for it. The course is comprehensive and embraces the counseling subjects and hypnotherapy components very well. The hypnotherapy scripts within this course are excellent as is the written material for each module. Reading the course material was a joy for a hypnotherapist who desired to obtain more counseling skills for my hypnotherapy practice.
Thank you Health and Harmony.
Christine Sheppard
New South Wales


S. Winterstein.

I would like to thank my tutor, Desiree, who has always been very encouraging with her positive attitude and constructive feedback.  I wanted to do well for myself but I also did not want to disappoint her.  I very much appreciate her promt marking and returning my assignments, thank you Desiree. 
Thank you to all the administration staff.  Every single one of you has been extremely lovely and always helpful.  Any enquiry or request has been met with fast and friendly action. 
You always gave the feeling of being approachable at all times.  Many thanks to all of you.  And thank you Gwendoline Ford.  It was such a thrill to get a personal phone call from you, after completing my fourth course in Pendulum Dowsing.  Your congratulations meant a lot to me.  Thank you for inviting me to embark on the course for Master Therapist. 
Again thank you to all of you at Health and Harmony, my completed courses have enabled me to start a new career and my own business, even though my business is still in its infancy it is growing and I absoultely love what i do.


J Flynn.

Life coach program.

'Thank you so much, what an eye opening topic.  I found this lesson fascinating.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around the food combining concept, however it makes complete sense.'


S. Stone.

Aromatherapy program.

'I am saddened that this is the final module in such a beautiful and interesting course.  I will most certainly enjoy working in the field knowing that I have been taught so much by such a wonderful group of teachers and mentors.  I feel very confident and know that I have a great library of resources that will serve me forever. 
Thank you and Blessing to you all at Health and Harmony.'


S. Summersgill.

Clinical Nutrition Consultant program.

'I would like to say that this course content for this Minerals subject was written in a very clear, interesting and informative way.  It was EXCELLENT.  Thank you very much.  I enjoyed studying this subject, as I am enjoying studing all of the subjects in my Clinical Nutrition course.  I am fidning the course very interesting and I am learning a lot from it'


Maria Kiriaz

Dear Gwendoline
First of all I thank you for creating such an amazing college as Health and Harmony.
I thank you and all your staff for your professional assistance and ongoing support. It is a very different  and positive approach and encouragement.
Where gratitude is concerned in my life and in the world. Truthfully speaking, I am not grateful that humans and other living things on this planet have to experience suffering to what ever extent, even though, I acknowledge and am aware of the bigger picture or bigger universal plan.

We are all volunteers and not victims to create a better world for all, no matter how frustrating and hopeless it may all seem or appear. And there is always support, tools and techniques to place us back in the right direction to create a better world for ourselves and for all.

I consider Health and Harmony Colleges to be a great tool and support to make positive changes. The other biggest support is Mother Nature or the beauty of this planet's nature. If one spends time with our planet's nature, it's energy does truly heal.



Dear Health and Harmony,
I must say that I have really enjoyed the course, partly because of the information obtained, partly from the very well produced assignment books, and partly because of the encouragement and hints from Desiree, and the help received from Libby and Gwen.

I feel that Hypnotherapy has a strong part to play in our modern society, more than many imagine. I think it is capable of filling the niche left by modern medicine.

Thank you again.