When can I get started?

If you have purchased your course via a payment plan, you will be contacted by a Course Advisor that day, or the following business day, to finalise your payment plan and enrolment.  Alternatively, we can arrange enrolment for you over the phone if you prefer.


Are all courses online?


Are there exams? How will I be assessed?

Assessments form a part of every course with Health and Harmony and provide a way for you to test your knowledge and our tutor team with a way to assess your progress. 

Each lesson within your course will have a corresponding assessment based on a series of questions relating to the work covered. These assessments may incorporate short answer written responses, multiple choice questions or short essays. 

Some courses include logbook tasks that account for a practical course element. These logbooks may require video, written case studies or artwork to be created. 

Your course advisor can provide more specific information on assessments included in your course of interest. 


How are my assessments marked?

Assessments are marked by our Health and Harmony Tutor Team. This team is made up of working practitioners, many of them past students, with a wealth of experience they are happy to share with you. 

Once an assessment has been completed, you will upload it to our Student Portal for marking, with the option to ask a specific question of your tutor, or provide feedback if you would like. 

Assessments are marked within 10 working days from date of submission with a score out of 100, and additional feedback provided.