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Acupressure is the healing art of the ancient Taoist sages and is one of the most powerful modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By using the fingers alone, acupressure opens up the healing power of the body’s vital energy (Qi). In this…


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Acupressure is the healing art of the ancient Taoist sages and is one of the most powerful modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By using the fingers alone, acupressure opens up the healing power of the body’s vital energy (Qi). In this course you will learn more than just the major pressure points. You will learn the essential theory and practice of approaching the body in terms of its crucial bio-energetic vitalities. Through an emphasis on the ancient Five Element system, you will learn how each of the body’s organ-systems is part of an integral whole which relates deeply not only to our physiology, but to the subtle rhythms of our inner and outer lives.

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Course Content

  • The Earth Element: Earth Organs and Meridians; the Spleen-Pancreas Meridian; the Stomach; Blood Vessels and Flesh; Nutrition; Meridian Meditation
  • The Metal Element: Metal Organs and Meridians; the Lung; the Large Intestine (Colon); Skin and Nose; Element Points; Nutrition; Meridian Meditation
  • The Water Element: Water Organs and Meridians; the Kidney; the (Urinary) Bladder; Bones and Marrow; Ears; Element Points; Nutrition; Meridian Meditation
  • Technique and Treatment Points: Measurement; the Body Inch; Massage and Pressure Techniques; Twenty-four Diagnostic and Treatment Points
  • Major Acupoints: The Twelve Origin Points; The Twelve Conjunctive Points; The Twelve Assembling Points; The Seven Power Points
  • Condition Index and Review Handbook: Index of Conditions; Warnings; Meridian Biorhythms; Element Correspondences; The Meridian Atlas; Abbreviations; Alarm Points; Associated Points
  •  Introduction to Acupressure: Vital Energy; The Tao; Early Taoist Classics; Eastern and Western Approaches to Health; Zang Fu; Organs as Functions
  • The Meridian System: Channels and Directions of Flow; Acupoint Nomenclature; Meridian Types; the 24-Hour Cycle
  • Oriental Diagnosis: Yin and Yang; Protective Chi; Observation and Interrogation; Tongue Diagnosis; Ayurveda and the Pulse
  • The Five Elements and Organ Network: Unity and Polarity; Creation and Control Cycles; the Five Organ Networks
  • The Wood Element: Wood Organs and Meridians; the Liver; the Gallbladder; Tendons and Eyes; Meridian Meditation
  • The Fire Element: Fire Organs and Meridians; the Heart and Pericardium; the Small Intestine; the Triple Burner Meridian; Tongue; Blood; Pulse; Element Joints; Nutrition; Meridian Meditation
Course Code: 13ACUPRPR
Course Duration: Up to 12 months
Number of Lessons: 12
Qualification: Graduates will receive the Health and Harmony Practitioner Certification and are entitled to use the letters ‘HH Prac.(Acup).’
Assessment: Written Correspondence & Logbook Required

Health and Harmony Practitioner Courses offer qualifications that enable you to practice within your education’s scope, such as Art Therapy and Holistic Counselling.

On completion of your course, you can establish your own practice or work in various settings, but please note that these courses may not be recognised as prior learning at universities.

Any potential employer may also have a specific set of education requirements for an advertised job.

The natural therapies field in Australia is largely self-regulated, and obtaining equivalent study is key for joining associations and gaining insurance for practice.

Health and Harmony Colleges are approved by Holistic Health Associates International and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, so it’s crucial for students to check which association recognises their course before enrolling.

Online Study Information

Studying with Health and Harmony Colleges takes place within our online Student Portal, where you will access course content, download assessments, and receive feedback on completed assessments from our tutor team. The portal is a virtual classroom where students have the option to connect with each other, and receive support from the College, via a range of student forums.

You will need internet, and access to a computer/laptop or tablet to complete your study via our Student Portal however lessons and assessment content can be accessed offline if you plan to travel, or are out of internet range intermittently.


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