About Us

Health & Harmony Colleges is an Australian owned and managed organisation dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams through flexible, self-paced, and affordable distance education course.

The college was established in 1994, with the goal of providing easy and affordable education to anyone – regardless of their career or life circumstances – and to provide high quality distance education in a range of health and wellbeing courses. Since then, the dedicated Health & Harmony Colleges team have constantly sought to share their passion for self-development and life-long education with others.

Today, Health & Harmony Colleges offers one of the largest ranges of courses in Australia, providing our students with the most up-to-date, comprehensive and exciting courses available in natural therapies, counselling and coaching, nutritional sciences, stress management, massage and much more. 

Our courses are clear, concise and easy to understand, and throughout your study you will be supported by our dedicated team of friendly tutors and staff. We are ready to answer your study queries over the phone, in person or via email – so you’re sure to succeed in your next educational endeavour.

While some of our students study for life enrichment alone, you may like to broaden your expertise for a range of reasons; perhaps you are looking to take your first steps into the rewarding wellbeing industry, searching for career advancement, ongoing professional development, or even to gain the knowledge needed to start your own business. Here at Health & Harmony Colleges, we will provide an abundance of specialised training and guidance to you, no matter what your study goals.

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Your Success Is Our Success

“We are proud of our high success rate of Health & Harmony College students and welcome every opportunity to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. If you’re not quite sure where in our wide range of courses to start, our professional team will be happy to provide a free consultation to assist you in matching your life and work experience with our up-to-date training.

The qualifications you earn with us will enable you to open the doors to new and exciting careers, more rewarding jobs, and business opportunities. In addition, Health & Harmony Colleges is delighted to offer occasional seminars and workshops to complement your studies, because we understand that a high standard of practical training can be greatly enhancing for your qualification.

We also encourage our students in more practical courses to keep a diary of their experience while studying, and to practice with family and friends. Please visit our Elearning Courses page for further information and course content or use the links in the left hand navigation bar.”


I found the studies hugely interesting, easy to comprehend and well planned out throughout all twenty lessons. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Health & Harmony Colleges for their great support and encouragement to me throughout the course which helped inspire me to succeed. I would therefore be more than happy to recommend HH Colleges as an extremely worthwhile educational institution to other people seeking qualifications in professional careers.

Once again thank you for all your support and assistance.

Best wishes


Barbara Jackman

Since retiring from full time employment a couple of years ago, I had been looking for a means to share my knowledge and experience in the hope it may help others. Whilst trying to find an avenue to encourage others I struggled to find a means until my partner mentioned the Practitioner Certificate of Men’s Wellness Coaching. From receiving the first lesson to completion I was excited by the content as it is very appropriate to men of all ages and I intend to utilise it as a vehicle to raise awareness of the importance of men’s mental and physical health.


From the time I first enquired about the program until I completed my study the staff at the College have been very helpful and the study material very well researched and presented


Men’s Wellness Coaching

I am truly grateful for the Health & Harmony Colleges!

They have enabled me the ease and flexibility to continue to pursue what I know intuitively and deeply to be my Life Purpose.

Holistic health & healing and to be able accelerate the growth of my holistic health business and to build on my existing knowledge to write an e-book on Holistic Health within the next 12 months.


Connie N.G

Holistic health & healing

I’m currently studying a course of Clinical Nutrition Consultant and I am loving!!

The College Staff & Tutors are so approachable and understanding, supportive and helpful when needed be.

They have a large range of courses that suit anyone and I am so very happy here, will look to further and broaden my education in the near future.

Thank you Health & Harmony College

Kim H.

Clinical Nutrition Consultant Course

I have written mediation Journeys, blessings, vows and rituals with the goal of publishing them for others to use. This led me to completing courses with Health and Harmony to be accredited for these works.

I am now going one more step to my Masters in Advanced Therapies and to complete a thesis to continue my studies. I wanted my clients to see I was genuine and worthy of my products.

The college courses have given me confidence and self -worth, which I would not have achieved any other way along with my family and friends supporting my endeavors it has been an exciting and enjoyable time of my journey.

I believe Holistic Healers need tools to enhance their work and give their clients a beneficial session which is where my wands are designed and used, each wand is unique and comes with a name and a story. I have also made pendulums from chosen crystals and lots of other useful tools for ritual work. I am The Holistic Toolmaker.

Denise Campbell

Masters in Advanced Therapies

I have just completed the Holistic Counselling Practitioner Course with Health and Harmony Colleges . I have found all the course materials to be comprehensive, enjoyable to read and not difficult to understand. All the staff have been very supportive, willing to assist me with all my questions and needs. As a student I have embark on an enlightening journey of self discovery and personal growth. I would like to thank all the staff at health and Harmony who have made this possible. As now I feel confident to seek work as a Holistic Counsellor and utilize my gained knowledge,complex set of skills. I know I can successfully support my future clients to achieve complete health through Holistic Counselling. I highly recommend this course to future students who are interested in studying this unique Holistic Counselling course.

Joe Attard

Holistic Counselling Practitioner Course

I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed doing this course.  Words don’t convey how supportive the staff and tutors were in helping me complete this course.  It was a journey to get to the point of deciding what I wanted to do for a change of career, I just new it would be Holistic.  With the help of the staff I felt that the Holistic Counselling Course was the best choice and what a journey of learning.  Not only learning how to help others but about learning more and more about myself.  I can truly say it was a journey I am so glad I went on.  I could not recommend enough Health and Harmony Colleges for their support, content and just overall caring for their students.  I am looking forward to doing so much more through your college.  Thank you for this amazing journey.


Holistic Counselling Course

This course has opened my eyes to other avenues of healing, in helping others work through their issues to assist them to lead healthier and happier lives.  I was keen to get through the nitty gritty of the first half of the course and get into some of the fun stuff, as I would like to call it.  I love the natural therapies that are offered in this world, to suit each and every unique individual.

I think the best thing this course has provided me with is new theories and practical ways of working through and handling different situations.  The practical work has been really interesting, I have loved testing and experiencing the different therapies on offer that I may not have otherwise been able to learn and try.  Having learnt new skills, learning new options along the way, naturally, the windows of opportunity within my mind are wide open, I guess as students we just have to choose if we climb through!

Kerrie De Palma

Holistic Counselling

Dear Health & Harmony

I would like to send my sincerest thanks to all concerned following my graduation in the Art Therapy Practitioners Certificate, it has been a desire of mine for over 20 years to study Art Therapy following my Ad Dip in Environmental Art & Design and I am now the proud owner of a certificate from your college.

I have to say this was the most enjoyable study I have ever done, the lessons were clear and concise and by allowing me to do them at my own pace when my time was free was just wonderful, I could fit my Certificate in around my working schedule.

I have already commenced some workshops to assist people create the lives they desire and have made wonderful connections with likeminded people.

Not only has this course assisted me with professional development but what I have achieved on a personal level has far exceeded what I expected.

Angela Davies

Art Therapy Practitioners Course

This is my final lesson for my Art Therapy Course. I have thoroughly enjoyed absolutely everything I have learned about art therapy and have learned far more than I even anticipated it was a well thought out Certificate and I look forward to starting the Advanced Art Therapy beginning next year. I feel I need to take a little time out to get my business up and operating before I commit to more study; I plan to have the next 6 months off and start back after the Christmas holidays.

Julie Attard

Art therapy