Terms & Conditions

Congratulations for your decision to study with Health and Harmony Colleges!
Please read the following carefully.

Refund Policy
All course purchases are final, and not returnable or transferable after purchase. Courses are not refundable, except in cases where Health and Harmony Colleges cancels or recalls the purchased course within the time period allowed for completion of study. By purchasing a payment plan deposit you are confirming your agreement to enter into a payment plan for that course and confirming your willingness to complete that course in full. Post-graduate refunds will not be given under any circumstances.

Deferments and Extensions
Any course purchased must be completed within the allotted maximum allowable study period for that course, regardless of payment method. Should a customer require a deferment or extension to their maximum allowable study time, a written application must be made to the Health and Harmony Colleges office manager prior to the conclusion of the original study period, specifying the desired type and duration of deferment or extension of their study time. All decisions will be at the College's discretion, and a processing fee will apply for any successful application for deferment or extension. 

Every attempt is made to ensure that information from the college is accurate, and that the student has attained the knowledge taught in a course, at the point of their assessment. Beyond this point, the graduate is responsible for the maintenance of their acquired competencies, and it is the responsibility of the graduate to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in a way which is appropriate to the unique characteristics of each application. The college and its staff are hereby released from any liability, action, and/or claims of any nature, whether directions given during the course were followed or not.

Courses, course notes, and materials are not to be sold, loaned, copied, or used in any way outside of the pursuit of studying the course by the person who is enrolled in the course, unless permission is sought and explicitly granted in writing by the Principal of Health and Harmony Colleges. 

We hope you enjoy your studies!